Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Do you provide private studio boudoir shooting?

Due to the popular requests of hotel or on-location photo shoot, we recently stopped offering studio boudoir session. We provide boudoir photography service at client selected location (a house or hotel), where the client feels most secure and comfortable.

2. How do I make a reservation for the photo shoot?

You can make the reservation directly by making the deposit payment at the investment page. After that, please fill in your contact information including desired date/time/location and we will confirm it with you. Please provide us with multiple selection of photo shoot dates

3. How long will it take to have the photos ready?

The photos will be ready within two weeks. Typically, the photos could be ready earlier than two weeks. Actually, you might get the photos in 3-5 days. A flat rush-order fee will be applied if you want photos to be ready within 48 hours.

4. How will the photos be processed?

All the photos are taken in RAW format. Then they will be post-processed including exposure adjustment, white balance adjustment, lighting adjustment, necessary cropping, leveling and certain artistic retouch.

5. Do I need to pay sales tax?

If there is no physical goods involved in the delivery (i.e, you receive the photos via online download), then you don’t need to pay sales tax. You only need to pay sales tax when you purchase an album or order an DVD.

6. Do I have the right to share photos anywhere?

Please feel free to use the photos for any purpose. It is your responsibility and liability to use the photos  at this case.

7. Can you protect my privacy?

Absolutely. We respect and protect clients privacy to the maximum extent. If you see any photos that you want to remove from our website, please simply send us an email and we will be happy to do so. Complete photo right/privacy can be purchased separately after the photo shoot.

8. Do I need to bring any props? Do you provide any props?

We have some standard props and backgrounds. You are welcome to use your own props.

9. Is there a limit on the number of outfits during the photo shoot? How many outfits/shoes should I bring?

There is no limit on the number of outfits you can bring. As a rule of thumb, you should bring 3-5 sets of outfits and 3 pairs of high-heels for a 2-hour photo session. You are also welcome to bring some wine/beer to help you relax.

10. Do you do full-nude photos?

Absolutely. We take artistic full-nude photos. We typically start from the most conservative outfits and we can do full-nude photos towards the end.

11. Can I bring a companion for the photo shoot?

Most of the times, a companion may cause distraction instead of help. However, if you feel that it is necessary, please bring no more than one female companion for the photo shoot. We reserve the right to reject the photo shoot if the companion affects our work.

12. How many photos do you usually take in a photo session?

As a rule of thumb, each hour may produce 20-40 high quality photos. Many factors can affect the number of photos including the time of the client putting up the makeup, changing wardrobes, etc.