We had this San Jose Boudoir Marathon session a while ago. Finally we had chance to post some of the photos. The photo shoot place is a luxury hotel located in downtown San Jose.

Here are some of our favorite photos:

“Julie looks like an ordinary girl when she is in thick clothes”, my fellow photographer friend joked when he saw her. But after he saw the photos that I took, he is totally “wowed” by them. He said that he wanted to get her in for more photos. This boudoir photo session was again in San Jose Studio. Unfortunately, I have to hide her gorgeous face again (to protect our clients) when I share the photos here.

bay area boudoir photographer
bay area boudoir photographer

Nicole contacted me several weeks ago since she is getting married in October. She wanted to gave the photos to her future husband as a surprise gift after the wedding. So we did the photo shooting at San Jose photo studio. Different from our previous clients, Nicole is a plus-size African American. So it is totally something new! To my amazement, she was so natural in front of the camera and she did a great job! The total boudoir photo session lasted about 2 hours and I had lots of fun. Nicole took four sets of outfits and we used them all. As usual, I will only share 1-2 photos. After seeing the photos, Nicole was so happy. I am happy too since it was a great experience! Moreover, I found that she has an artistic eyes. So amazing!

Bay area boudoir photographer
San francisco boudoir photography

Here is another session with Angel at San Francisco. Angel has a killer’s body and could be a great model actually. I was lucky enough to take pictures for her. The following is a photo of my favorite.

Tiffany is a very shy but beautiful girl. This session was taken in her favorite private place in San Jose, CA. We had lots of fun in the whole process. Here is a picture to share.